Why is AroundDeal the best LinkedIn email finder?

AroundDeal integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn through a extension. With a single click, you can find emails for entire LinkedIn searches or saved lists.

How do I get charged exactly?

When you input a job description using the AroundDeal AI sourcing on LinkedIn, you spend 1 AI query. If you also need the candidate's contact information, you spend 1 credit. Unlocking AroundDeal requires a monthly payment. If you have a free account, AroundDeal will provide you with 3 credits and 5 AI queries. If you have a basic account, AroundDeal will also provide you with 50 credits and 50 AI queries. If you want to have more credits and AI queries, you can upgrade to a higher version.

How do I find someone’s phone number on LinkedIn using AroundDeal?

AroundDeal Enrichment enables you to add more than 30 data points to your potential prospects, including phone numbers and personal email addresses. This feature enhances the information available for each lead.

Does AroundDeal send InMail messages?

No, AroundDeal doesn't send InMail messages. Research suggests that candidates are more likely to respond to direct emails than InMail messages due to the overwhelming volume of InMails they receive. Instead, AroundDeal supports automated follow-ups, which further boosts response rates.

What kind of information do I need to provide for AroundDeal TalentAI?

To use AroundDeal TalentAI, you need to share your job description. Our machine learning algorithm uses this information to find the best matches for the skills and experience you're seeking.

Where can I source candidates from while using AroundDeal Chrome Extension?

Currently, AroundDeal supports candidate sourcing from LinkedIn. You can choose to source candidates either from the LinkedIn Jobs page or directly from the prospect page within the AroundDeal extension.

How does AroundDeal reach out to candidates?

Regardless of whether you use LinkedIn, LinkedIn Recruiter Lite, or LinkedIn Recruiter, AroundDeal integrates with your account and automatically looks up the email addresses of all candidates on your behalf. While you focus on recruiting and interviewing the talent, AroundDeal takes care of sourcing them and finding their email addresses.

Do I need to provide the candidate's email address?

No, you don't need to provide the candidate's email address. AroundDeal understands the challenges and time-consuming nature of finding email addresses for sourced candidates. They handle the email finding process for you, allowing you to focus on sourcing candidates rather than searching for their contact information.

Is AroundDeal TalentAI a replacement for LinkedIn?

No, AroundDeal TalentAI is not meant to replace LinkedIn or any ATS platform. Instead, it serves as a supplementary tool to enhance the efficiency of your outbound recruitment process. It complements existing platforms and tools by providing additional features and automation.