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Upload your targeted company names or domain names list, you will get you results of targeted list with verified contacts.


How it Works?


1. Upload a CSV. file

Upload your trageted company names or domain names list.


2. Set Search Option

Choose search options to set up the necessary parameters and start a task.


3. View Results

Once your task starts, you can check the progress of the task. When your search is complete, you can view the results.


Turn domain & company name lists into your leads

AroundDeal not only find and search contacts from existing database, but also search from all open resoures. And we will clean and verify the data crawled across all open resoures.

Knowledge about the Domain Search

Upload a csv file of domains or company name and let us do the work for you!

We charge 1 credit per prospect.If a prospect is invalid or wasn’t found, no credit will be charged. You will not be charged again for duplicates.

We verify and validate our information to remove incorrect, duplicate, stale and unverifiable contacts information, guarantee 95% accuracy. Pay only for vaild contacts information.

We do not sell (or buy) databases. If you are looking for a tailor-made list of B2B sales leads collected specifically according to your ideal customer profile, we offers a Prospecting Service. Contact us to learn more: support@arounddeal.com
You can also use our google extension to build your own highly-targeted, clean email lists and consistently fill your funnel with fresh leads.

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