Bulk Verifier

Bulk Verifier

Easiest way to clean customer emails & databases and boost the ROI of your email marketing campaign.

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Bulks Verifier

How it Works?

1. Upload a CSV. file

Upload your trageted email list with up to 10,000 contacts.

2. Download the results

You can get results within a few minutes.

Bulk Finder

Boost the ROI of Your Email Marketing Campaigns

A low bounce rate is essential to a healthy email reputation, and that's where our bulk verifier comes in. By using our bulk verifier, you can save money by sending less spam emails.

  • Boost sender reputation
  • Escape Spam Traps
  • Remove Hard Bounces
  • Improve Open Rates

Knowledge about the Bulk Verifier

The Bulk Email Verifier is a tool to verify a list of email addresses. Using the Bulk Verifier, you can test whether each email address is vaild without sending emails.

You can begin to use the Bulk Verifier for free. 10 email verifications are offered each month for free accounts. You can upgrade your plan for higher volumes if you desire. Your subscription can be canceled at any time.

These email addresses were recently verified and marked as Valid, so they are safe to use. We usually observe a bounce rate of less than 1% for these addresses.

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