How to Find Reliable APAC B2B Contacts (Asia-Pacific Email List)

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1. How to Find APAC B2B Contacts (Asia-Pacific Email List) ?

2. Three Simple Steps to Build Your Own Contact List

Step 1: Access the AroundDeal platform
Step 2: Refine the data 
Step 3: Unlock the data

3. Advantages of AroundDeal's data:

4. Maximizing Your APAC B2B Contact Search with AroundDeal's Three Additional Tools

The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region offers vast opportunities for businesses seeking to go global, and statistics indicate that APAC countries are expected to account for over 50% of global GDP by 2040 (Source: PwC, 2021). It is a potential market in the world.

However, the major challenge lies in finding APAC B2B contacts and reaching targeted prospects and accounts quickly. Even locating the business email addresses of key people can pose a problem. In this section of the blog, we'll explore some effective ways to find reliable APAC B2B contacts, including the use of an email list.

How to Find APAC B2B Contacts (Asia-Pacific Email List) ?

Finding a comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date B2B database is the first step towards finding APAC B2B contacts. AroundDeal B2B Global Database is one such database that can provide you with the necessary information to reach out to your desired audience. This database is built on over 120 million global B2B contacts and company details, making it one of the largest and most comprehensive B2B databases available.

Using AroundDeal's B2B Global Database, you can search for specific demographic information such as industry, company size, job titles, and geographic location. This means you can target your audience based on their unique characteristics, making your outreach efforts more effective.

Apart from email addresses, the database also provides phone numbers and other contact details, enabling you to reach your target audience through multiple channels. Here are the top 10 companies in APAC, along with their CEO contact information.

Company NameJob TitleContact NameContact Info
Digicel Vanuatu (VU)Chief Executive OfficerDeepak Khanna***@***.***
MCS groupChief Executive OfficerBas de Grood***@***.***
KBZ MS General InsuranceChief Marketing Officer (Marketing | Branding | Corp Comms | PR)Marc Bakker***@***.***
KBZMS General InsuranceChief Executive OfficerAnil Mancham***@***.***
Max Myanmar GroupGroup Chief Executive OfficerDr. Thaung Han***@***.***
KBZ MS General InsuranceChief Financial OfficerHoward Cpa Laurente***@***.***
4ChanChief Executive OfficerAnon Anonymous***@***.***
4chanCEO Troll DivisionDavid Davidson***@***.***
National Savings BankChief Information Security Officer ( CISO)Pramith D.***@***.***
Varian Medical SystemsChief Executive OfficerGustav Röhringer***@***.***

3 Simple Steps to Build Your Own Contact List

Building a contact list for your business is an important task, but it can be challenging without the right tools. With AroundDeal, you can easily create your own contact list in just three simple steps.

Step 1: Access the AroundDeal platform - Launch the AroundDeal platform and gain access to its extensive database. The platform is user-friendly and straightforward to navigate, making it easy to find the information you need.

Step 2: Refine the data - Once you have accessed the database, refine the data by applying the necessary filters. You can filter the data by location, industry, company size, and other relevant criteria to narrow down the results and provide you with the specific information you require. As an example, we searched for the parent company of ChatGPT, "Open AI," and found 92 search results, with the majority being the management level staff of the company.

Step 3: Unlock the data - Once you have refined your search using AroundDeal's filter, you can unlock the contact information you need. With this information in hand, you can engage with potential clients and generate high-quality leads. Contacting these prospects using the provided email addresses and phone numbers can help you establish valuable business relationships and expand your reach within your industry. By utilizing the comprehensive database available through AroundDeal, you can access the contact information you need to make valuable connections and grow your business

Here are some of the employees at "OpenAI."
Company NameJob TitleContact NameContact Info
OpenaiResearch ScientistAmanda Askell***@***.***
OpenAIPartnerIan Hathaway***@***.***
OpenaiMember OF Technical StaffChelsea Voss***@***.***
OpenaiPeople OperationsKarson Elmgren***@***.***
OpenAIChief Technology OfficerMira Murati***@***.***
OpenAIMachine Learning EngineerChristy Dennison***@***.***
OpenAIHead of GTMZack Kass***@***.***
OpenAIVP of Product & PartnershipsPeter Welinder***@***.***
OpenAIMember Of Technical StaffChristopher Berner***@***.***
OpenAIPresident, Chairman, & Co-FounderGreg Brockman***@***.***
OpenAIResearch Scientist, Neural Program SynthesisJerry Tworek***@***.***
OpenAIResearch ScientistWilliam Guss***@***.***
OpenAIMember Of Technical Staff, Applied AI TeamTodor Markov***@***.***
OpenaiResearcherElizabeth Barnes***@***.***
OpenaiMember OF Technical StaffJeffrey Wu***@***.***
OpenAIHead of Legal OperationsAdam Nace***@***.***
OpenAIMember of Recruiting StaffTifa Chen***@***.***
OpenAISoftware EngineerBenjamin Mann***@***.***
OpenaiResearch ScientistFilip Wolski***@***.***
OpenAIHead of Commercial LegalSheila Dunning***@***.***

Advantages of AroundDeal's data:

AroundDeal is a powerful tool for anyone seeking to build a comprehensive contact list for their business. Here are three key advantages of the data available through AroundDeal:

  1. Data Coverage - AroundDeal's global database provides extensive data coverage of over 200 countries and regions, ensuring that you can access the contact information you need no matter where your potential clients are located. With a database of more than 120 million business contacts and company details, and over 43 million business data in APAC and emerging markets, including Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, and Vietnam.
  2. Data Accuracy - One of the biggest challenges when building a contact list is ensuring that the data is accurate and up-to-date. AroundDeal addresses this issue with its commitment to providing data accuracy of up to 95%. This means you can trust that the contact information you find through AroundDeal is current and reliable.
  3. Data Attributes - AroundDeal offers more than just basic contact information. With over 100 data attributes available, you can filter and refine your search to find contacts that match your specific needs. Whether you're looking for contacts in a particular industry or location, or you need to target contacts based on their job title or company size, AroundDeal has the data attributes necessary to help you build the perfect contact list.

AroundDeal's data sources include verified public databases, hundreds of millions of social media feeds, analysis of social media feeds, a machine learning algorithm for lead identification and insights, and a global community of sales and marketing professionals who share best practices.

Maximizing Your APAC B2B Contact Search with AroundDeal's Three Additional Tools

In addition to our official platform, we offer three powerful tools to help you find the contacts you need: the people search tool, the search people by domain tool, and the reverse email lookup tool.

The people search tool allows you to search for individuals based on their job title, company industry, or contact location. This tool can be incredibly useful if you are looking to connect with a specific person or if you need to identify decision-makers within a company.

The search people by domain tool is particularly handy if you are trying to build a list of contacts from a specific industry or company. Simply enter the domain name, and our tool will generate a list of individuals who work for that organization. This can be a great way to build out your prospect list quickly and efficiently.

Finally, our reverse email lookup tool can be used to find additional information about an individual or company based on their email address. This tool can help you identify the company an individual works for, their job title, and other useful information that can inform your outreach strategy.

With these powerful tools at your disposal, finding B2B contacts in the APAC region has never been easier. Sign up for AroundDeal today to start leveraging these tools and take your sales prospecting to the next level!

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