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Bridgepoint Education (BPI) is a higher education company built upon innovation and a passion for learning. We thrive on an ethos of invention. We are innovators and educators who make learning more accessible, valuable, and meaningful for all. By harnessing creativity, BPI has re-engineered the modern student experience with progressive solutions that advance learning. BPI is the parent company of and provides shared services for Ashford University and University of the Rockies. BPI’s corporate headquarters are located in San Diego, California, and the universities’ programs are delivered primarily online. Both of BPI’s universities offer a progressive online learning platform, including custom educational content and a personalized, interactive interface. Our people are empowering learners to succeed. Every day, every BPI employee is focused on quality, caring, and innovation: Quality Every task, every interaction, and every service we provide is of the utmost quality. It is a matter of personal and professional pride to deliver the best we possibly can in every endeavor. Caring We care about our work, each other, and especially our students. What we live for and how we choose to spend our time is to feel the overwhelming sense of joy when we have made a profound difference in someone's life. Innovation We look for better ways to do our jobs and enhance the student experience. We will continue to seek out new challenges and create innovative solutions. We want to raise the bar for ourselves and for those who follow. We look forward to engaging with you! Please refer to the Bridgepoint Social Media Terms of Use before using this page: Our Mission: The mission of Bridgepoint Education is to provide high quality, innovative education services to enrich the lives and communities the company serves.

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Yvonne Fickentsher
Quality Assurance Supervisor at Bridgepoint Education
Andrew Shean
Chief Academic Learning Officer at Bridgepoint Education
Michael Nibi
Senior Database Developer at Bridgepoint Education
Sheryl Johnson
Student Inquiry Coordinator at Bridgepoint Education
Don Vigo
Datacenter / Sr. System Engineer at Bridgepoint Education
Glen Watson
Manager of Account Executive Team at Bridgepoint Education
Jon LaFrance
Senior Telecom Engineer at Bridgepoint Education
Michael Aline
Technical Support Representative at Bridgepoint Education
Krystal Davis
Enrollment Services Manager at Bridgepoint Education
Roberto Bosita
Systems Administrator at Bridgepoint Education

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