City of Barrie


The City of Barrie is a vibrant, progressive and growing community with deep connections to our heritage, to nature and to the opportunities surrounding us. Our community values quality of life; the ability to play year-round with 300 hectares of park space, our beautiful waterfront, our lively downtown core and the nearby hills, wetlands and forests. We also value connections; to our neighbours and the community, to our road and rail network, and to the opportunity Barrie provides to enjoy life. Everything Barrie has to offer, from the water we drink to the roads we travel on, has one thing in common - municipal workers. Joining a municipality is one of the most rewarding, engaging and exciting careers you could choose. It is a career you can take pride in knowing that every day you make a positive impact on an entire community. We are one team, with one goal and we all work together to continue making our community great.


Government Administration

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Denise Morris
Engineering Inspector at City of Barrie
Steve Cripps
Supervisor Water Customer Services at City of Barrie
Dana Clarke
Innovation Analyst at City of Barrie
April Patterson
Municipal Prosecutor at City of Barrie
Walter Fischer
Supervisor, Parks Planning and Development at City of Barrie
Arshdeep Singh
Supervisor Technology Operations at City of Barrie
Jenn Rankin
Youth Programmer at City of Barrie
Colleen Smith, CPA, CA
ERP Team Lead - Finance at City of Barrie
Laurie Watt
Freelance Journalist at City of Barrie
Monique Kovacs
Manager of Customer Service at City of Barrie

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