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People are at the heart of engagement – 80% of employees feel more engaged when their work is consistent with the core values and mission of their organization. Without a sense of community and purpose, their ability to make strong connections falls short. This is what inspires us. We want to help every business owner, partner, and employee foster connections that allow them to identify with the work they are doing. When people are passionate about their work, it opens the door for innovation and ultimately, better business outcomes. EGR International Inc. is a nationally recognized creative Engagement Agency that delivers custom engagement solutions built to influence a community of leaders. Using our 49 years of experience, we inspire Dow Jones and S&P 500 clients to fulfill their engagement needs through innovation, collaboration and a personalized approach.

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Jennifer Scavina
Executive Vice President // Managing Partner at EGR International
Eric Reich
Project Engineer at EGR International
Jim Ludlow
Vice President Sales at EGR International
Gregory Nieratka
Chief Financial Officer at EGR International Inc.
Mark Prine Crp
Vice President National Acounts at EGR International

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