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Fathom 4 has a simple mission: Engineering Freedom - for our country, our clients, and our employees. We delight our DoD clients by providing the best value engineering services. Fathom 4 employees are critical members of the DoD programs we support, by being highly professional, competent, industrious, and ethical. We are a veteran-owned small business and an employee-centric company. Fathom 4 was founded on the belief that if we take care of our employees to the best of our ability, then they will do the same for Fathom 4’s clients

United States

Defense & Space


DoD C4ISR Project and Program Management Shore and Mobile Command Center C4ISR Prototyping, Engineering, Integration, and QA Testing Tactical Vehicle C4ISR Engineering Services IT Services

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Brian Smart
Senior Technical Illustrator at Fathom 4, LLC

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