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Edusoft Ltd., is a subsidiary of ETS, the world's largest private educational assessment and research organization, and the markets of the TOEFL® and TOEIC® tests. Edusoft is a global leader in technology-based, comprehensive English Language Learning solutions, serving a range of educational, government and corporate sectors worldwide. With 25 years of expertise, Edusoft is a pioneer in delivering comprehensive large and small scale Blended Learning solutions based on the latest interactive technology and field-proven pedagogical approaches. Edusoft's English language solutions have been localized into 25 languages, are recognized by numerous Ministries of Education and are sold to thousands of leading educational institutions across the globe. Edusoft’s flagship product — English Discoveries — is an advanced English learning platform providing CEFR-aligned English learning courses. In addition, Edusoft offers comprehensive ongoing project management support and professional development for teachers to ensure the success of every project.

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English Learning Solutions leading leader blended e-learning

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Hernan Garber
Executive VP Marketing & Business Development at Edusoft Ltd.
Rafi Moran
President & CEO at Edusoft Ltd.
Daniel Billauer
Director of Product Management at Edusoft Ltd.
Inna Hoichman
.NET Programmer at Edusoft Ltd.
Ellen Perlis
Graphic Designer at Edusoft Ltd.

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