Jewish Family Services


Jewish Family Services is a 108 year old community based organization whose mission is to strengthen individuals and families. We are an organization rooted in a rich history of Jewish values. We help individuals of all races, ethnicity and religions in the two most important aspects of their lives: family and work. Through a unique combination of mental health and workforce development services, we help people and families become stronger. We guide. We counsel. We mentor. We teach. We shore people up. We prepare them for jobs. We strengthen relationships. We help them be self-sufficient, both emotionally and financially. In short, we change people’s lives, one life at a time. At Jewish Family Services, we use a person-centered approach to tailor our services to meet the complex needs of the individuals and families who come through our doors. We work with the life that each person brings us.

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Non-profit Organization Management, Individual & Family Services


Talent Acquisition Geriatric Care Mgmt Job Seeker Services Diversity and Inclusion Training Caregiver Support Holocaust Survivors Outplacement Career Advancement Training Career Path and Retention Services Teen Dating Violence Education and Prevention Economic Development Case Management Care Coordination Career Counseling Geriatric & Care Giving Support Career Pathway Counseling Employment & Retention Services Refugee Social Services Employer Services

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