Main Roads Western Australia


We are one of the largest geographically spread road agencies in the world, responsible for more than 18,500 kilometres of road spread over 2.5 million square kilometres. Our role is to plan, build and maintain Western Australia’s State Road Network valued at just over $46 billion. We work closely with our portfolio partners, Department of Transport and Public Transport Authority as well as local government to support the needs of all road users across the state by providing an integrated world-class road transport network. Our services are delivered through the dedicated efforts of our employees who are located in ten regional and several metropolitan offices throughout the State. Our success relies upon recruiting and retaining a diverse range of talented, passionate and dynamic individuals to help us build our State’s future. Whatever stage of your career, we are committed to helping you reach your potential, both professionally and personally, so that in turn we can achieve ours.




Stategy and Communications Road network services Planning and technical services Infrastructure delivery Regional services Road safety Finance and commercial services Organisational development

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Robyn Harkins
Manager Human Resource Services at Main Roads WA
Michael Gorman PMP
Senior Project Management Consutant at Main Roads Western Australia
Kamal Weeratunga
Network Operations Planning Manager at Main Roads Western Australia
Carolyn Walker
Stakeholder and Community Engagement Consultant at Main Roads Western Australia
Michelle Bastian
Manager Heavy Vehicle Services at Main Roads Western Australia
Michael Chin
Asset Manager Strategies at Main Roads WA
Jan Karpinski
Manager Road Network Defintion at Main Roads Western Australia

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