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Brickfields Consulting, formerly Place Associates, is the world’s first property innovation consultancy. For owners and operators of commercial property, we provide insights through research, ensuring places develop a competitive advantage, which allows them to command a price premium and achieve financial returns above the market. Since 2010, Brickfields has gained an impressive reputation with prominent property groups both in Australia and overseas. Working with clients such as GPT, Grocon, QIC and Westfield, we unlock property possibilities through a progressive and adaptable mindset, engaging customers and visitors and in the process increasing asset value. The process We have the flexibility of working in two ways – either concurrently with the development of a new place or as an overlay to an existing one. Our process starts with a research phase during which we create the insights. Then the strategy is developed to create an optimal customer experience. Our value Brickfields helps our partners deliver long-term return on investment by creating strategies that encourage customers to visit, stay longer, spend more money and pay a premium for products or services. The financial benefits are measured by customers returning more often and becoming advocates for the destination. The Place Report, published annually by Brickfields, has become an invaluable tool for property professionals and design enthusiasts across the globe. Now in its fifth year, we have included an upgrade to a premium edition that contains an in-depth look at the future of places. The Place Report 2016 is available for purchase via individual or corporate subscription from the link below: For more information visit:



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