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PSA offers magazine subscription services to many specialty magazines; subscription fulfillment for association memberships and donors, fulfillment services for newsletters, journals, events, books, binder services, site-licensed products and more. We offer circulation fulfillment and magazine subscription services to consumer publications, business to business, institutional and single subscribers, agency accounts and online as well as custom subscriptions. Specialty publishers require attention to detail, expert database management, adherence to specific policies, knowledgeable service, and top-notch quality control processes. We meet all their criteria and more. PSA offers Outbound Teleservices/Telemarketing: renewals, requalification calls for BPA or AAM Audits, special cross and upsells, market surveys, accounts receivable, soft collections, conference/webinar sales and support. We are not “dial for dollars” - all of our calling is “soft-touch," conversational calling. Our professionals do not use scripts. Depending on the list, our center has been averaging a 30 to 60% contact rate. Many of our clients are seeing up to an 80% return on their investment; and on collections with higher dollar pricing, a 95% return. PSA is one of the only full-service bureaus that offers a “Profit Center” for publishers! PSA also gives you access to your subscriber and product data instantly with PSA Complete, our proprietary database management web portal supported by circulation professionals. Imagine logging in to your circulation dashboard in the morning- see your current statistics, revenue and more. Refresh as the day goes on and see your orders being processed and pull reports in minutes. But PSA Complete does so much more. Marketing savvy website subscriber self-help functions, alerts subscribers if their subscriber is getting close to expiration, when they change their address, buy a gift subscription, or renew online.

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