Strategy, design, creative, high performance engineering, and unmatched execution. Consultancy and agency services, built on exceptional technological competence. We make future products and services, and help our clients adapt and remain ahead in an increasingly complex and changing world. What are we like? We have global reach, a Nordic touch, a boutique approach, and an exceptional ability to scale and take on projects of any caliber. We are lateral thinkers that apply human, cultural, and technological understanding to create meaningful solutions to challenging problems. We’re famous for making things happen. Our unmatched execution capability is founded in superior technological skills and a strong maker culture. We are leaders by example on the forefront of the workplace revolution, changing how the world works and sharing everything we know.


Computer Software, Information Technology & Services


product design mobile applications service design ux design lean & agile digital services software development digital design software cloud machine learning artificial intelligence training consulting

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Tuukka Haapasalo
Senior Software Engineer at Reaktor
Markku Luotamo
Chief Architect at Reaktor
Jouni Hartikainen
Software Engineer at Reaktor
Jari Mäkelä
Chief Architect at Reaktor
Joonas Reynders
Agile Software Development coach at Reaktor
Khanh Lam
Product Designer at Reaktor
Olof Hoverfält
Principal Consultant, Business Design at Reaktor
Reko Tiira
Senior Software Developer at Reaktor
Mikko Romppainen
User Interface Designer at Reaktor
Samppa Kytömäki
System Administrator at Reaktor

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