When we set out to create the most effective acoustic solutions on Earth we weren’t thinking about ceiling tiles or wall panels. We were thinking about people. The student struggling to hear. The businessperson trying to concentrate. The couple wanting an intimate conversation over dinner out. It’s what inspires us to design our beautiful collection of acoustic ceilings and wall panels that are transforming almost every imaginable place and space. Bringing concentration to classrooms, enjoyment to restaurants and dampening machine and human noise in hospitals, factories, homes, offices and hotel suites. Our products don’t just have certified noise reduction ratings. They come in contemporary colours, surfaces and styles. They improve air quality and are hygienic. Some even reflect daylight to save energy and make it easier to see. And above all, they last – until they’re recycled to make more. And because we believe the next generation of acoustic solutions shouldn’t be at the expense of the next generation of people, we achieve all of this through sustainable innovation, pioneering closed‑loop recycling and cleaner, leaner manufacturing. Sounds Beautiful


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