The Swedish national public television broadcaster. Our vision is to contribute to a more inquisitive, informed Sweden. Our aim is to create content that engages, entertains and enriches - in the service of the public. SVT runs independently in relation to political, commercial and other interests in society. SVTi is the interactive department of SVT. We develop all of SVT’s public online services – SVT Play, SVT Nyheter, SVT Sport, SVT Barn and Duo, to name a few. We are approximately 200 people, working in cross functional teams to design and develop SVT’s online services, platforms and functions. We are proud to build products that deliver news and entertainment to millions of people. Come join us!


Broadcast Media


Broadcasting Online Medieproduktion Samhällsbärare Public Service Underhållare Utbildare

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Fredrik Lundh
Trailer producer at SVT
Elinor Schang
Publishing Editor at SVT
Leif Sandberg
Graphic Designer at SVT
Björn Östlund
Executive Producer and Project Manager at SVT
Roger Blomquist
Journalist at SVT
Mattias Carlgren
Nyhetsreporter SVT riks at SVT
Isabella Winberg
Casting & Inslagsproducent at SVT
Håkan Greko
Technical Manager, News, SVT Malmö at SVT

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