Teknova is a research institute for technology and science that will work in close interaction with the innovative trading industry and the university in Agder county. The research institute Teknova is a result of a collaboration between Agder University, Agder Research, and world leading industrial companies located in the south of Norway. Teknova will promote innovation and competitiveness through long-term research. In this way Teknova will contribute to increased value creation, regional development, and improved results for our partnering companies. Teknova wants to contribute to more environmentally friendly solutions in a range of areas, and offers services as a contract research institute both regionally and nationally. Research • Innovation and development of technology, products, and integrated industrial solutions for solid and liquid drilling rig installations. • Development and testing in relation to advanced instrumentation, including measurement technology, modeling, and material technology for solidification processes in processing industry. • Efficiency improvement and centralization of surveillance systems related to industrial operations, including the production of documentation according to international requirements.



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