Topo Solutions - Supply Chain Platform


Topo is a cloud-based collaboration, automation & advanced analytics platform for the supply chain. Topo facilitates not only remote collaboration and automation of workflows between brands, retailers, sourcing organizations and their suppliers - but is also the operational system for people on the ground in various types of production facilities. Mobile working is supported by an offline mode to ensure tasks in the field can be performed in poor network situations. From initial supplier contact to delivery in your warehouse or stores, we cover the supply chain end-to-end: - Digital Sourcing - Tendering - Product Development - Sample Tracking - Critical Path Management - Initial Factory Audits - Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) - Sustainability - Auditing & Corrective Action Planning - Production Monitoring/Work-in-Progress Reporting - Quality Management & Corrective Action Planning - Chemical Management (MRSL, RSL) - Lab Testing (chemical & physical testing) - Supply Chain Traceability from source to consumer - Warehouse & Store Inspections - Incident Management - and many more ...

Hong Kong SAR China

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