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At World of Wonder our mission is to keep kids curious and inspire learning by providing fun, hands-on and developmentally appropriate activities young children. Our Philosophy We believe that every child is unique and born with a desire to learn. Our curriculum kits and activity binders are developmentally appropriate and child-centered. Using Multiple Intelligence Theory, current research on early learning and a lot of creativity we provide hands-on learning experiences that tap into that natural curiosity within every child. How We Got Started As an elementary school teacher, in 2001 I started World of Wonder because I was frustrated by the lack of quality resources for young children. I decided to do something about this and put to use my 10 years of teaching experience, including work with special needs and early care providers to create WoW Kits. Teachers have an important, and often difficult job. I want to make this job a little easier, using current research and creative minds to create high quality, easy to use and affordable resources. -Jennifer Karnopp Owner/Founder Since then we have grown from creating a few supplemental activity kits for teachers, to providing a full spectrum of early education resources. Whether you're a school looking for a quality comprehensive curriculum or a parent searching for simple and fun activities to help your child learn and develop, we've got you covered.

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Multiple Intelligences based curriculum for children ages 0-8

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