7 Best Ways to Source the Most Suitable Talent


Finding great talent for your company is hard, and knowing where to find the talent you need feels like a wild goose chase. But don't give up just yet. The good news is, there are a few good ways to source the most qualified talent for your company — and we'll give you a breakdown of the top 7!

First, I will show you some benefits of sourcing candidates:

  • Avoiding salary discrepancies. When you source your candidates, they will be paid based on their skills and experience level. This means there are no salary differences between employees with similar skill sets and experience levels.

  • Improving employee retention rate. When you source candidates that fit your needs, you will solve your problems with their help, and they are more likely to stay with you for extended periods because they feel like they have been valued as an employee.

  • Decrease training costs. Hire someone who has already mastered specific skills or gained experience in another field. This will help decrease training costs for your company because they will already know how things work within your company.

7 Best Ways to Source the Most Suitable Talent

Candidate sourcing is collecting and analyzing information about potential candidates for positions within your company.

Sourcing candidates can be done in several ways, but here are some of the most common:

  1. Job boards. Job boards allow you to post jobs, manage applicants, and communicate with candidates via email. It would help if you chose a job board with a high volume of relevant candidates and an easy way for them to apply for your job postings.

  2. Employment agencies/headhunters. This is the most traditional and commonly used option for sourcing suitable talent. Employment agencies and headhunters have been around for decades, offering a vast array of services to their clients. Some specialize in certain types of employees, such as accountants, engineers, or salespeople. They also tend to focus on a specific industry or sector, for instance, finance or IT.

  3. Social media sites/networking events. You can use social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as networking events, to find candidates interested in working at your company. These candidates may not be actively looking for new jobs — they could have recently changed careers or been open to new opportunities — so it's essential to reach out personally rather than rely on automated messages sent through their networks.

  4. Campus recruitment. Campus recruitment is one of the most cost-effective methods of hiring new employees. It involves a company visiting universities or colleges and visiting their career fairs to find potential candidates. Campus recruitment is especially useful for small businesses because they need more resources to conduct an extensive search independently. They can rely on the universities and colleges to provide them with many potential candidates who have already been pre-screened by their admissions offices. Another benefit of campus recruitment is that it gives you access to students who may not be actively seeking work at this time but may be interested in your company once they graduate. This can be very beneficial if you are looking for someone with specific skills or experience that may be available later but might become available in the future.

  5. Employee referrals. Employee referrals are one of the most effective ways to hire the right person for a job. They are inexpensive, and they come with a high success rate. You can ask employees to refer friends or family members who might be interested in the position. The process is simple: you give them an application form and ask them to fill it out and submit it back to you.

  6. Creating a positive employer brand. Companies must have a strong employer brand. According to the SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), a strong employer brand can help attract quality candidates and improve employee retention.

  7. Careers portal. This system will help you find candidates interested in your company's culture and values. It will also save time, as you won't have to spend hours searching for the right people on LinkedIn or other social media networks. You can post job openings on any platform – mobile app or website.

Moreover, you can also source candidates and build your potential talents list with AroundDeal Prospector and Chrome Extension.

With AroundDeal Prospector, you can use 10+ destination filters which help you to find the precise candidates and collect millions of high-fit talents' direct dials in a minute (such as job title, function, seniority level, location, and more).

AroundDeal Chrome Extension can help to source talent too. It works on LinkedIn Recruiter, allowing you to find your ideal candidates and cut your hiring time easily. When you search people LinkedIn Recruiter, you can click our Chrome Extension icon and quickly reveal all the matched candidates' contact info on the list.

There you have it. These sourcing tools can help you search for qualified talent, so you can recommend the best one for your team.

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