AroundDeal Secures Millions of Dollars in Pre-A Funding to Further Scale B2B Intelligence Database and Platform
AroundDeal, the leading intelligence and automation platform for sales, marketing and recruiting professionals, which is built on a comprehensive global business database, recently announced that it has raised millions of dollars in a Pre-A funding round, led by Chengwei Capital. With these funds, AroundDeal plans to grow its strong APAC B2B database and AI-powered technology, by improving its data quality and ease of use, continue to drive AroundDeal's international expansion and growth.

Throughout the rapid growth of the global business landscape, B2B sales, marketers, and recruiters have faced challenges in efficiently and effectively reaching their targeted prospects. AroundDeal's AI-powered platform provides business professionals with easy access to user-friendly tools and a comprehensive business database, enabling them to find and engage with their targeted prospects in a simple way. As a result, valuable time and effort can be saved and redirected towards activities that directly contribute to revenue generation.

"We all expect technologies to go beyond and impact our lives, even our world, and AroundDeal delivers on those expectations,"said Bill Huang, Founder and CEO, AroundDeal. "We are one of the fastest-growing intelligence and automation platform, integrating the most accurate business database with powerful prospecting and engagement tools, and a strong focus on the APAC markets. “

AroundDeal helps over 100,000 professionals and clients automate their work processes, such as finding ideal customers, automating sales engagement, AI talent sourcing, and more. AroundDeal currently provides access to over 120 million contact and company information records. And seamlessly integrating with other popular tools, including LinkedIn, Salesforce, HubSpot, and Gmail.

"Thanks to this funding, we will further scale our AI-powered technology to empower a greater community of business professionals to effortlessly prospect, engage, and finalize deals utmost efficiency," said Bill Huang, Founder and CEO, AroundDeal.

About AroundDeal
AroundDeal is the leading platform for sales and marketing intelligence and automation, which is built on a comprehensive global business database containing over 120 million contacts and company information.
AroundDeal has a strong focus on the Asia-Pacific and emerging markets. Their aim is to help businesses connect with the best-fit buyers in the APAC region, generate high-quality leads, optimize their go-to-market strategy, and boost revenue growth by accessing B2B intelligence data for their users and customers sales, marketing, and recruiting and operations needs. For more information, visit
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