How to Build a Perfect B2B Sales Sequence

What is the Sales Sequence

A sales sequence is also called a sales cadence. It's a series of sales outreach campaigns with a couple of scheduled touchpoints and tasks, including auto / manual emails, social messages and other customized tasks.

What are the Best Ones?

The best sales sequences should eliminate all guesswork, strike a perfect balance between automation and personalization, and lead sales reps to move forward with the right actions at the right time.

Research conducted by Vantage Point Performance and the Sales Management Association revealed that B2B companies with well-structured sales processes experience 18% more revenue growth than those without. With a well-defined sales sequence plan, sales reps can strategically move your sales cycle from one step to the next and save more time to focus on closing deals.

Here are some best practices you should keep in mind to create an efficient sales sequence:

  • Identify your audience first
  • Create personalized experiences each prospect
  • Send messages at the right time of day
  • Follow up consistently with multi-steps
  • Remember to mention the most important value in your first touchpoint
  • Case studies should be used in your sequence

Above all, AroundDeal's new powerful feature - Engagement, can help you create the perfect sequences that give you successful sales results.

AroundDeal Sequences Overview

AroundDeal provides several automated sales sequences, dynamic variables, and customized email templates. You can edit suitable automated salesflows, add personalized touchpoints, and run A/B tests. Automate and optimize your communication, save precious time and move your sales opportunities forward with the right actions at the right time.

Create a New Sequence with Our Multi-Channel, Multi-Steps

Surviving with a single-channel strategy is a thing of the past. Leverage multi-channel, multi-step prospecting activities with AroundDeal, including automated emails and reminders for LinkedIn connections and other tasks on social media. Be where your buyers are, and engage them to create relevance before booking a formal meeting.

Here are the three types of steps to build a new sequence using AroundDeal:

  • Auto / Manual Email

    AroundDeal supports both auto and manual email options. You can either automate your emails and send them efficiently at scale or create personalized manual emails.

  • LinkedIn

Use real-time reminders to further connect with your prospects on LinkedIn on top of automated emails.

  • Generic Tasks

Simplify any generic task follow-up by setting up reminders to help you complete relevant actions on time.

5 Steps to Build Out a New Sequence in AroundDeal

Step 1: Launch AroundDeal, and click EngagementSequence

Step 2: Click + New Sequence to create a new sequence.

Step 3: Set up the new sequence and then click Create.

Step 4: Click + Add Step to add a new step to the sequence. Repeat this process to add more steps.

Step 5: Enable this button to activate or pause the sequence.

It’s as simple as that!

Now, create as many successful sequences as you want with AroundDeal free trial and build unique personalized buying experiences for your targeted prospects!

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