CSV Enrichment

AroundDeal’s Enrichment feature allows you to add available contact from AroundDeal’s database directly to a CSV file. This is a great way to leverage the vast amount of data available in AroundDeal in other systems that you use every day, but have not directly integrated with AroundDeal.

CSV Enrichment works for both people and companies.

CSV Enrichment Report Features

The CSV Enrichment Report is made up of various parts. Below is a detailed description of each section.

Records Matched

The total amount of CSV records sent to AroundDeal is shown in a pie graph under the Contacts Match Rate section. "Matched" "Unmatched"are the categories in this graph. 

  • Matched: How many CSV entries AroundDeal was able to match with the database.
  • Unmatched: How many CSV records AroundDeal was unable to match to the database.

To view the amount of records for a specific segment, hover your mouse cursor over it.

Completeness Score

Based on the number of unique data points discovered in the CSV before and after enrichment, the Completeness Score section of the CSV Enrichment Report offers a "before and after" overview of your CSV data. The "Before" bar in the bar graph displays the proportion of available fields in the CSV that were filled out before enrichment. The percentage of fields that were finished after AroundDeal enriched the CSV is depicted by the "After" bar. 

All Enrichment Fields

The total number of enriched data points for each enriched field (column) in the CSV is shown in the All Enrichment Fields section. 

For more information about how to improve your records with CSV Enrichment,click here