AroundDeal credits are a system of currency at AroundDeal. 1 credit = 1 prospect contact details. Every time you hit the 'Save Contact‘ button, you have used one AroundDeal credit. Depending on the information in AroundDeal‘s DB, a credit entitles you to all phone numbers and email addresses we have for that prospect.

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Check the sections below for more information on AroundDeal credits and tracking your credit usage.

Credit in AroundDeal

AroundDeal credits act as the currency in AroundDeal. Each credit equals one set of prospect contact details. Whenever you save a contact by clicking the 'Save Contact' button, one AroundDeal credit is used.

Based on the information available in AroundDeal's database, a credit provides you with access to all phone numbers and email addresses we have for that prospect.

Track Your Credit Usage

By following these steps, you can track your credit usage during your billing cycle and check when your credits are scheduled to reset.

In the first step, you simply need to click on the symbol next to your account number.

In the second step, there are two ways you can view it. The first way is to directly see the balance of your credits in the expanded list.

The second way is to click on the "account" button.

Then, under the “account” category, click on the "Subscription" button to clearly see the usage of your credits.

You have now completed the steps to view the amount of credit you have used in AroundDeal.

Are you using a Free Plan?

If you're on a free plan, you won't have any email credits available during each billing cycle. If you wish to buy more credits, you'll need to upgrade to a Basic, Premium, or Custom plan first. Once you've upgraded,you will get more credits.

If you want to get free credits, you can check out this knowledge base.

Need Assistance?

No worries! Our dedicated support and sales team is here to lend a helping hand. If you have any inquiries about credits, want to buy a credit package, or need to upgrade your product tier, feel free to contact us via email or use our chat feature anytime.