11 Best B2B Sales Contact Finder Tools


As sales reps, spending a lot of time looking for potential customers using outdated and incorrect free data can slow you down and make it hard to reach your sales goals. To fix this, you just need to use some B2B sales tools that help you find contacts automatically, saving you time.

In other words, these tools give you:
  • A faster way to find potential customers.
  • More time to do other important research.
  • Extra time to find good leads and close deals.

There are many different sales tools available for businesses, each with its own purpose. It's important to learn how to use these tools correctly, based on what you need, what your competitors are using, and the latest trends in sales tools. To help you with this, we've put together a list of the 11 best B2B Sales contact finder Tools for you to choose from.


AroundDeal is the leading platform for sales and marketing intelligence and automation, which is built on a comprehensive global business database containing over 120 million contacts and company information.
AroundDeal has a strong focus on the Asia-Pacific and emerging markets. Their aim is to help businesses connect with the best-fit buyers in the APAC region, generate high-quality leads, optimize their go-to-market strategy, and boost revenue growth by accessing B2B intelligence data for their users and customers sales, marketing, and recruiting and operations needs.

  • Database: 120+ million contacts & company info. Great potential leads & opportunities.
  • APAC market fcous: Ideal for companies seeking growth in the dynamic Asia-Pacific region;Providing reliable APAC B2B contacts.
  • Data accuracy: Guaranteed accuracy rate of up to 95%. AroundDeal Data Accuracy scored 8.9/10 on G2, much higher than other competitors.
  • Many simple and useful search tools for free ,such as:People Search;Company Search;Find by Domain;Find by Title;Reverse Email Lookup.
  • AI Sourcing:AroundDeal TalentGPT find the Top-Tier for your needs.Access high-quality contact information and get top talent recommendations in seconds.

  • Focused on providing more email data, less phone data.

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ZoomInfo is the biggest database platform for businesses looking to connect with decision-makers. It helps companies find and grow their customer base.

  • It's fast and effective for finding potential customers in large numbers.
  • Buyer intent signals help you reach out at the perfect time
  • They have a huge database, especially US-focused companies.

  • Some of the information in the database might become outdated each year.
  • It has lots of features, which can make it a bit confusing and time-consuming to learn and use.
  • It can be expensive, but it's great for teams with many business development reps.
  • Focused on Americans, may not be useful for businesses in other regions.

3. Apollo

Apollo is the leading data intelligence and sales engagement platform. Apollo targets customers who want a 'one-stop shop' for all their research needs.

  • Focus on providing phone data.
  • Setup is fast.

  • Data quality is inconsistent, email data gives a lot, but the information is outdated or invalid.
  • The data is also mostly U.S.-centric, often in partnership with international prospects, which doesn't quite fit.
  • For all its features, Apollo's interface is rather complex.


Lusha helps businesses collect lead contact information from multiple websites, gather lead data, engage with customers or leads, and increase overall conversion rates.


  • Lusha is easy to use and seamlessly connects with your organization's Salesforce.
  • Ability to quickly and accurately capture tested contact information, with access to direct contact information and business emails.
  • Lusha price is low.

  • Some of the data collected may be false or generic.
  • Phone numbers were lacking.
  • Features are less.


Hunter is a popular email finder tool that helps sales professionals discover email addresses associated with a specific domain. Its intuitive interface and vast email database make it a valuable asset for lead generation.

  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Large email database for finding email addresses.
  • Free version with a limited number of searches.

  • Accuracy may vary for certain email addresses.
  • It is just a tool to find emails, without all contacts and business data, the data is incomplete.


Snov is an all-in-one outreach automation platform that offers email verification, prospecting, and email sending features. It streamlines your B2B sales efforts, enabling you to focus on building meaningful relationships with your prospects.

  • All-in-one outreach automation platform.
  • Email verification and prospecting features.
  • Affordable pricing plans for different user needs.

  • Limited data compared to specialized contact finders.
  • Confusing user interface, especially for managing lists and contacts.
  • Moderate accuracy of email verification, with invalid business email addresses provided.


LeadFuze is an AI-powered B2B lead generation tool that identifies relevant prospects based on your ideal customer profile. It automates the lead generation process, allowing your sales team to concentrate on converting leads into customers.

  • AI-powered lead generation for targeted prospects.
  • Automates the lead generation process.
  • Integration with CRM and sales tools.

  • Pricing may not be suitable for smaller businesses.
  • Features are a little hard to use. Some things are not easily apparent.


Adapt is a versatile B2B contact finder that provides accurate contact information and integrates seamlessly with your CRM. Its advanced search capabilities and real-time data ensure that you connect with the right decision-makers.

  • Accurate contact information with real-time data.
  • Integration with popular CRMs for streamlined workflows.
  • Advanced search capabilities for effective prospecting.

  • Some users may find it expensive.
  • Missing key integration factors.
  • Data optimization is not good enough.


AeroLeads is a prospecting tool that enables you to find emails and phone numbers of potential leads. With its Chrome extension, you can extract data from various platforms and enhance your sales pipeline.

  • Chrome extension for easy data extraction.
  • Finds emails and phone numbers of potential leads.
  • Affordable pricing plans.

  • Limited features compared to more comprehensive tools.
  • There are some limitations when it comes to results and usage.


LeadGibbon is an email address finder that helps you find verified email addresses of potential leads within seconds. With its Google Sheets add-on, you can export data directly to your CRM for efficient lead tracking.

  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Cost-effective pricing plans for various user needs.
  • Easy integration with Google Sheets and CRMs.

  • The database may not be as extensive as some other tools.


Lead411 is a B2B sales intelligence platform that focuses on providing accurate and up-to-date contact information and lead generation capabilities to sales and marketing professionals.

  • Real-time alerts aid sales with job changes, funding, expansions.
  • Lead411 integrates smoothly with popular CRM, enabling automation.
  • Collaboration fosters unified sales efforts through shared leads and notes.

  • The user interface is hard to use.
  • Limited contacts information.
  • Pricing is relatively high.
  • Data accuracy is challenged.


What are B2B Sales Contact Finder Tools?

B2B Sales Contact Finder Tools help salespeople find accurate contact info for potential clients in the business-to-business sector.

Why should I use B2B Sales Contact Finder Tools?

These tools make B2B lead generation faster and more accurate, connecting you with the right decision-makers in your target companies

What is the average cost of B2B Sales Contact Finder Tools?

Tool prices differ based on their features and abilities. Some have free versions with limited functions, while premium plans can range from a few dollars per month to more extensive packages with higher prices.If you use AroundDeal, you can try it with free credits.

How do I choose the right B2B Sales Contact Finder Tool for my business?

When choosing a tool, think about database size;data accuracy: AroundDeal, as evidenced in G2, demonstrates impressive Data Accuracy Scores of 8.9/10 for Contact Data, surpassing competitors like Zoominfo (8.7/10), Apollo (8.5/10), and Lusha (7.5/10);ease of use;integration options, customer support, and pricing. Read reviews, compare features, and try free trials to find the tool that fits your sales and lead generation needs best.
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