This feature is exclusive to enterprise clients only.

Customizing Role Permissions

Here's a quick guide on customizing role permissions for your team.

Click on the "Role" in the left-hand menu to access role customization.

Click on "+ Create Role" to create a new role. 
Enter a unique name for the role. 
Customize the role's management permissions, including:
  • Can add, edit and delete users
  • Can access and manage billing; receives billing related emails
  • Can manage permission profiles
  • Can edit integration-related settings
  • Can add, edit and delete domains (Visitors)
Customize permissions for Sequences & Emails, including:
  • Email visibility
  • Can send emails from Self only / All users
  • Can send emails to contacts (Can add sequences, Can complete, skip, or modify tasks owned by other users)
  • Can edit Own sequences / Shared sequences / All sequences
  • Can edit templates owned by Self only / All users

Customize permissions for Accounts & Contacts, including:
  • Can view team's accounts/contacts owned by Disable / All users
  • Can edit & delete team's accounts/contacts owned by Disable / All users (Can bulk import Contacts/Accounts via CSV, Can export Contacts/Accounts as CSV)

After configuring the permissions, click "Save" to apply.

Now you're all set with your customized role permissions.