Not yet prepared to eliminate a contact from a sequence? Be at ease! A contact in a sequence can be manually paused at any time so that you can decide whether to remove them later.

For instructions on how to mark a contact as finished in a sequence, see the section below.

Manually Mark a Contact as Finished in a Sequence

Sequences automatically finish when a contact responds to an email. But there are several circumstances in which you would prefer to manually designate a contact as finished. For instance, if you modified the sequences' default trigger settings and a contact requests to be unsubscribed or changes jobs.

Launch AroundDeal, select Engagement, and then select Sequence to manually designate a contact as completed in a series. 

To indicate a contact as finished, click the sequence from which you want to do so. 

Click Contacts, then select the contact(s) you want to designate as completed from the sequence by selecting the checkbox(es) next to them. 

Select the Mark As Finished icon. 

Then, click Mark Finished

The current contact in a sequence has been marked as finished.