When you save a contact on the site, AroundDeal keeps track of that contact to see if their profile has perhaps been updated. This applies to any time a contact switches companies. In the People component of the AroundDeal Search engine, AroundDeal reflects changes in employment.

For more information on how to update AroundDeal Contacts with Job Change Alerts, see the sections below.


Table of Contents
  • Update Prospects
  • Reject Prospects

Any time you save a contact in the platform, AroundDeal monitors those contacts for any potential updates to their profile. This includes any time a prospect’s company, job title, location or contact info is changed.

Update Prospects

  1. First, launch AroundDeal and then click Alert
  2. Click the Checkmark next to Update Available to start the update. 

You have now updated a Contact to include the latest information. (The prospect will be updated automatically both in alert list and list.)

To update prospects in bulk, pleasse click the checkboxes for the prospects you want, and then click Update

Reject Prospects

You can choose to disregard AroundDeal’s Prospect Update Alerts.

Click the X mark next to Update Available to reject the update.